A network of Australia's most experienced and knowledgeable Human Resources practitioners.

RecruitSafe is an Australian company established in 2005. Our personal HR Managers are highly skilled HR professionals who, on average, have over 20 years of HR experience across all aspects of human resource management, employee and industrial relations policies and practices.

Like a personal trainer or financial planner, a personal HR Manager (HRM) will work with you to help you achieve a specific goal in their field of expertise. In this case, it is HR. Our personal HRMs run their own consultancy and will partner with your business to oversee all human resources matters or provide you with strategic and operational HR guidance and support as it is required.

Our personal HRMs can help you with any matter concerning the full employee lifecycle, such as but not limited to:

  • Recruitment, any vacancy, at any level across all industry sectors, including temporary, contract and permanent placements.
  • Onboarding and induction.
  • Talent retention strategies, performance management, and performance planning.
  • Coaching and advise to senior leadership teams and boards of directors.
  • Work health and safety, wellbeing and mental health programmes and initiatives.
  • Organisational development; workforce planning; change management.
  • Termination and separation.


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